Our Gold from Amazon, Acai!

My first post couldn’t be other thing instead of our powerful fruit from Amazon, Acai! Fortunately living here in Vancouver as a “Acai lover” I could find it in the Whole Foods. The price is a little bit expensive (around $8.50 for 400 g) but worth to try, there is a big chance for you to spend it once a week at least, it’s so delicious!  I got  some benefits that I thing is important to show, like:

1 – Caring for our heart

Like red wine, some research shows that the Acai is extremely rich in vitamins and as the wine, rich in anthocyanins, a form of plant antioxidant that helps the cholesterol levels reduction in the blood. You can also find a large amount of plant sterols that benefit the cardio-protective to our cells, preventing blood clots helping the circulation of blood around the body.

2 – Your Healthier Skin

In the cosmetic and beauty world, many professionals are using the Acai due to high oil antioxidant content. The oil that is extracted from Acai comes as a natural alternative being beneficial to skin, not causing long-term damage, besides the healthy glow that produces oil. Research shows that Brazilians been eating Acai for many years because it helps in the treatment of skin.

3 – Your Body More Protected
You may find in Acai a high content of Vitamin C and acids beneficial to human body. Furthermore research has revealed that the consumption significantly reduces the proliferation of cancerous cells, some scholars even think that the consumption of the product could slow carcinogenic process, and stop tumor cells before they multiply. That research continue and that can be the great secret of so many mysteries.

4 – More disposition on a daily basis

Arguably the Acai consumption raises the level of energy and strength, it’s the favorite of great athletes and lovers of the fitness world. The only problem is in my point of view all the mixes that we make and add, like syrups, sugars, making it a little more caloric, but still a top energetic element.

5 – Tip for women!

Some recent studies has shown that the Acai consumption helps anxiety and stress for women in menopause.

I hope I have helped a little with some tips and research. There is no doubt that it is helpfull and very delicious!

Check this recipe, looks awesome!

I found myself looking around about the brand SAMBAZON and they have goods stuffs on their website, check this out!



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